Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lesson #7: Captain Murphy

Okay all you Knights of Mars, its time that we talked about the greatest captain ever to pee in the Ocean. And of course I am talking about none other than the late and great Captain Murphy. Captain Murphy was the fearless leader of Sealab 2021, and star of a series of the same name.

A devout follower of Alvis, and founder of the Knights of Mars, Murphy was an epic beater of ass. And, he loved to sucker punch people. From making out with mops, to defeating monster Hesh, Captain Murphy swilled whiskey and swaggered in a way that only a man of his stature can.

Anyone who doesn't know who this guy is, needs to go and get bent. And then, probably, watch the show. This show reeks of awesome, and includes a cast of characters that doesn't stop rocking with the great Captain, you also get Hesh, Monster Hesh, Bizarro Stormy, Alvis, and of course: Marco, who has the strength of five Gorillas.

In case you didn't know, thats way stronger than you. And therefor better than you. But not as great as Captain Murphy.

So here's to the awesomest captain to ever awesome. He is dearly missed, and well remembered.

Doc Awesome

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  1. HA! My middle name is Bizarro. That show was awesome.